Off Premise?! How Does That Work?

    We get that question a lot, especially because people are not familiar with “off-premise” clubs, I believe San Souci was the last one around here. We have many unique features to share with other lifestyle couples, most of which you can’t find in other lifestyle dedicated/friendly establishments. We have a full liquor license with a bar sponsored by Bacardi where call liquors and bottled beer are only $5.00 every night inside of Tryst. This is possible because of another unique feature at Tryst, we are attached to Silver City Cabaret, an upscale gentlemans club. You’re able to, with your admission to Tryst, flow freely between Tryst and Silver City utilizing both clubs to enjoy your evening in the lifestyle.

    Another offering not commonly found in lifestyle places, we have a full kitchen serving  appetizers, entrees, & deserts. Because we are able to offer these unique features, we don’t have the freedoms that a private “On – Premise” space would, and so sexual activity is not permitted. However a sexually charged atmosphere is encouraged! We will not get in the way of friendly flirting or the occasional boob flash and the fun police will not be on patrol. Many of these clubs have existed in cities all around and are loved by couples that frequent them. They provide a place where you can meet, date and socialize with other like minded couples without having to worry about who see’s or hears whats being said or done. People at the local steakhouse tend to look at you funny when you kiss your buddy’s wife or talk about the things we talk about. We are perfect for new couples who may not be ready to venture into an “on-premise” club. There are those couples too, for whatever reason, that prefer not to go to “on-premise” places at all and for the longest time there wasn’t another choice in DFW. Variety is the spice of life and the reason many of us are in the lifestyle, so having another lifestyle establishment, especially one thats a little different, is good for everyone!

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