We are So Excited To be Able To Bring You Dallas’ Newest Lifestyle Event.

Where Couples Can Meet Other Like Minded Couples In A Clean, Safe & Accepting Environment!

“A Utopian Society Where No One Judges Anyone’s Desires…”

We Envision A Utopian Society Where No One Judges Anyone’s Desires As Long As They Don’t Intrude On Anothers Happiness And Well Being…
But, until that day comes we are alright with just bringing people like us together to have a good time!!!! So out of that comes TRYST! Dallas / Ft Worth’s newest lifestyle event for couples only.
TRYST has an excellent valet service, so you can pull right up to the door @ Silver City and step right into TRYST with no hassle.
We also have a very large, well lit parking area should you want to self park.
Dress Code
Dress as though you’re going out! Sexy club attire is strongly encouraged. Dress to impress! Full on nudity isn’t allowed, remember TRYST parties are held in a public place. Sports attire isn’t permitted except during themed events.